Watch Dragon Ball Series in Order [Real Order]

Dragon Ball is a Japanese anime produced by Japanese production.

This series was broadcast in 81 countries. Every new episode was published every week.

Dragon Ball is filled with adventures. This anime series with a young monkey-tailed boy starts liking a girl named Bulma.

Together they plan to go on a journey to find and summon the powerful dragon. Through this, they will be able to fulfill all the desires.

They made so many friends that later changed into allies. Few of the friends married each other as they shared an amazing bond. Few characters are famous for their martial art tricks.

Two of them took part in the World Martial Art Tournament and won the competition against powerful and strong fighters. As time passed by enemies changed into best friends. 

1 Episodes 1-153
2 The Deadzone Movie
3 Episodes 1-86
4 Bardock: Father of Goku Movie
5 Episodes 87-107
6 Episode of Bardock Special Movie
7 World’s Strongest Movie
8 Tree of Might Movie
9 Lord Slug Movie
10 Garlic Junior Movie
11 Episodes 108-123
12 History of Trunks Movie
13 Episodes 124-125
14 Cooler’s Revenge Movie
15 Episodes 126-146
16 Super Android 13! Movie
17 Episodes 147-165
18 Return of Cooler Movie
19 Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan Movie
20 Episodes 166-194
21 Bojack Unbound Movie
22 Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans OVA
23 Episodes 195-207
24 Broly’s Second Coming Movie
25 Episodes 208-250
26 Bio-Broly Movie
27 Episodes 251-253
28 Fusion Reborn Movie
29 Episodes 254-288
30 Wrath of the Dragon Movie
31 Episodes 289-291
32 Yo! Son Goku and Friends Return!! OVA
33 An episode of Bardock OVA

Dragon Ball GT

34 Episodes 1-64

Dragon Ball Super

35 Episodes 1-3
36 Battle of the Gods Movie
37 Episodes 4-18
38 Resurrection F Movie
39 Episodes 19-131
40 Broly Movie

Chronological Dragon Ball Watch Order:

  • Dragon Ball
  • Dead Zone Movie
  • Dragon Ball Z to Episode 86
  • Bardock: Father of Goku
  • Dragon Ball Z to Episode 107
  • An episode of Bardock Special
  • World’s Strongest Movie
  • Tree of Might Movie
  • Lord Slug Movie
  • Garlic Junior Movie
  • Dragon Ball Z to Episode 123
  • History of Trunks Saga
  • Dragon Ball Z to Episode 125
  • Revenge of Cooler Movie
  • Dragon Ball Z to Episode 146
  • Super Android 13 Movie
  • Dragon Ball Z to Episode 173
  • Return of Cooler Movie
  • Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan Movie
  • Dragon Ball Z to Episode 194
  • Bojack unbound Movie
  • Dragon Ball Z to Episode 207
  • Broly’s Second Coming Movie
  • Dragon Ball Z to Episode 250
  • Bio-Broly Movie
  • Dragon Ball Z to Episode 253
  • Fusion Reborn Movie
  • Dragon Ball Z to Episode 288
  • Wrath of the Dragon movie
  • Finish Dragon Ball Z
  • Dragon Ball GT, all of it.
  • Dragon Ball Super to Episode 3
  • Battle of the Gods Movie
  • Dragon Ball Super to Episode 18
  • Resurrection F Movie
  • The Rest of Dragon Ball Super

When did dragon ball come out?

Dragon ball consists of 194 manga chapters. It was first aired on 26 February 1986. When it was first broadcasted in 81 countries in different languages and almost 90% of people liked it.

Dragon ball z series in order:

As a multi-series aired from the past 30 years. One should watch all the series in order so that they can watch all the episodes and don’t miss anything.  Dragon Ball has gone through various phases in its series containing different plots.


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