One Piece Movies Watch Order Series [Updated 2021]

one piece order

One piece is produced by the well known and famous company Toei animation.

Although the cast and crew are the same the production terms and quality has been improved in later terms.

These are basically theoretical films. Every movie was released after a year.

But after the third release, Toei discontinued this anime. Later, all others were released with double features with Toriko 3D Movie

List of one piece movies:

There are different lists of one piece order. Few are according to release order and few in chronological order. So, here’s a list mentioned for your ease.

  1. One Piece: The Movie
  2. Clockwork Island Adventure
  3. Chopper’s Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals
  4. Dead End Adventure
  5. The Cursed Holy Sword
  6. Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island
  7. The Giant Mechanical Soldier of Karakuri Castle
  8. An episode of Alabasta: The Desert Princess and the Pirates
  9. An episode of Chopper Plus: Bloom in Winter, Miracle Sakura
  10. One Piece Film: Strong World
  11. One Piece 3D: Straw Hat Chase
  12. One Piece Film: Z
  13. One Piece Film: Gold
  14. One Piece: Stampede

 One-piece movie list:

One-piece movie was released on 4 March 2000. The story is totally original and is away from canon. Although it’s in the era of Syrup village arc and Baratie Arc. This movie was never translated into any other language. It was launched in English and to date, it’s in the same language. First, 3 movies had subtitles which later anime companies thought of not putting it. So, all other episodes have no subtitles. 

One-piece movie timeline:

Many movies are based on contemporary story arcs. Only movies 8 and 9 stories are adapted from manga series. Movies got very famous all around the globe. Viewers used to wait for the next series to be released as they loved the storyline and content. Every character and scene was explained so beautifully that you can watch it the entire week and will never get bored 

When to watch one piece of movies? 

All the movies are different from another. So, you can watch them according to your mood as nothing will be spoiled for you. The only thing you need to focus on is the character. But in my opinion, I will watch all the movies according to release order. As i find it interesting to watch step by step. 

Many of these movies have different and unique stand-alone plots set according to the story arcs. In this movie, 8 and 9 were copied from the manga series. When the first nine movies were launched at that time Eiichiro Oda was totally away from other anime projects. Later, Oda wrote a story that the audience loved. After that, he wrote 3 more movies by the name of “One Piece Film”. 

One-piece movies in order with episodes:

In episodes 1 to 30, you will be introduced to the main characters. From episode 31 to 45 has a drastic change. You will see how dark and mysterious the show will get in the next episodes. From episodes 46 to 47 you will see the struggle and hardships of the main characters. From episodes 48 to 53 you will see new characters revealing.

In episodes 54 to 61, you will see all the filler arcs. This story revolves around the love of pets. From episode 62 to 67 is a short story but you will enjoy watching it. Episode 68 and 69 contains all the bluff in it. In episode 70 and 78 big giants will be introduced. In episodes 79 to 91, the protagonist introduced the doctor, crew, and choppers character. Later, in episode 92 to 135, you will see the arc in the form of a franchise. You will be introduced to the villain. From episode 136 to 143 you will see two arcs. The story is very entertaining and interesting.

In episodes 144 to 152 you will introduce new characters. These episodes are worth watching. As from this quality of the movie starts getting better.

From episode 153 till 195 you will see 3 important arcs and the storyline will move very slow. From episode 196 to 206 you find the movie a bit confusing. It will have different fun and great moments which you will love a lot. In episode 207 till 2019 you will be introduced to more villains having annoying personality traits. Episodes 220 till 224 are too good to watch. It will refresh your mind.

Episode 220 to 224 has a nice storyline which you will surely enjoy. In Season 6, all episodes are based on major events.

In Movie 7 story will definitely make you cry. No matter how much anime you have watched in your life, this will surely give your tears and goosebumps. In movie 8 you will see the issues resolving that occurred in the previous movie.

In movie 9 you will see adventures, hurdles, actions, various new characters, and a lot of drama. All the episodes in this movie are filler. MOvie 10 is the most loved among others. As its content is super unique and amazing. You will get to see a few flashbacks and repeat scenes. In One Piece 3D Movie, the movie is shown in the animated version. You will actually love watching it. It has an excellent display. You will see the true revealing of villains in this.

All one piece of movies:

You can watch all one piece in about 333 hours and 30 minutes. In this, you will watch all TV series, movies, OVAs, and special episodes.

TV Series will almost take 307 hours and 30 mins. Movies will take about 12 hours. OVAs are 2 hours and 30 minutes. Last but not least special episodes will take 520 minutes. 

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